Combined Email Address and SMS Sign-Up Form

  • 22 February 2023
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Is it possible to collect both email addresses and phone numbers on one form? Meaning, it’s one form the user fills out, not sign up for emails, hit submit, then sign up for SMS, hit submit again.




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5 replies

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Hi @LynnOnTheWeb, welcome to the community!

Yes of course, you can build Signup Forms with both email and SMS opt-in in a single step. In fact, of one the Klaviyo’s pre-built forms looks just like that:


However, I encourage you to A/B test a single form that captures both, to a multi-step form (email first, then sms or vice versa) to see which one yields you a better performance. 

In some of my tests with my clients, presenting both fields for email and SMS actually got less signups of overall (even when the SMS was optional).  But a multi-step form had a higher conversion rate of emails since the SMS signup was a secondary (and optional) step and had less friction.  But, every audience for each brand is different so its worth testing to find out. 

Hope this helps!

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Adding to @retention message we've seen the same thing. Multi step forms tap into the psychology principles like Endowment effect where people who start with something also will follow through.


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@LynnOnTheWeb to add briefly to the replies from Omar and Retention, the steps to create a 2-Step form are as follows:


Create Signup Form » Choose Multi-Step Email & SMS as a template »


And you will see at the top of the page the ability to navigate between the different steps of the form, ie: “Email Opt-In” is step 1, “SMS opt-in” is step 2, you have the ability to add additional steps, and then the “Success” is the step after the form is completed.



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Thank you all for such detailed replies. I’m going to go through all of the info you sent, create some new forms and setup some A/B testing.


Hello I also have a question related to this and it would be greatly appreciated if anyone could clear this up for me. thanks in advance

I have an embedded sign up form on my password page that captures both emails and SMS on the same form. The sms being optional. How can I make it to where: either field that someone opts into forwards to two different lists. Meaning if someone signs up for only email, their info gets forwarded to one list but if they also put in their SMS there SMS details will forward to a different list.