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  • 24 October 2023
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I just want to add a checkbox that is required to be ticked before proceeding to next step.

And how can I make sure double opt in is not set up.




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Hi @Mark23 ,

Thanks for the message, I will try to help you.

To insert what you request, you need to insert a multicheckbox that has only one value, as in the screen:

Mark as required field, as property select: $consent
As Label enter the copy you want, as property if you are collecting email enter email, in case of sms select sms.

At this point it should look like this:


For the double opt-in, select the list you would land the form/popup accounts on and on the settings and consents section as per the screen select single opt-in.


At this point you should have it all worked out.
I hope you are able to move forward with your project ;)


Thank you sorted with the first part - just can’t find ‘consent’?!

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Thank you sorted with the first part - just can’t find ‘consent’?!

Hi, are you sure you can't find it?

Not even with the exact wording: "$consent"?
I've never come across that I can't find it.

Please let me know.