Different languages for Email confirmation?

  • 10 February 2024
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I have a shop for art prints in German and English.


I have set up sign-up forms in German and English and collect the preferred language of the customer like in this explanation: How to Customize Content Based on Language.


I have edited my Email confirmation, where people who signed up on my page confirm their subscription (double opt-in).

How can I make this Email confirmation in different languages? I want the people who got German sign-up forms (get shown to customers in Germany and Austria) to get a German Email confirmation.


Thank you! 




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Hi @Kanal 100,

So that guide works well if you have a confirmation email that might be multilingual (have both German and English languages in one email) or if you are on “Single Opt-in” and don’t require a confirmation email to opt-in.  Then you use the Custom Property of the language preference to build Segments of users to tailor Campaign/Flow messages in the proper language based on the subscribers’ preference.

However, if you are required to send a confirmation solely in a specific language (e.g. German or English), you’ll need to create two separate Lists (one List for English, and one List for German) and then use the List specific “Subscribe & Preferences Pages” specific double-optin Confirmation Emails designed to for each List. 

You can see this documentation for more information on how to setup List specific consent pages/emails:

Finally, this also means you’ll need a separate “Signup Form” for each List - presumably you have two different version of your site so you can put the German Signup Form on the German View, and the English Signup Form on the English View - this depends on how your site is technically setup and a bit out of the scope of how to do this without technical context.

Another approach is you can have separate Signup Buttons that submits to different List based on their preference in a Single Signup Form - this one is a bit tricky to setup but you can see @David To conversation and example here: 

The long and short of it is, there’s a multitude of ways for sites and platforms address localization and language preferences.  It depends on how your site or platform is setup - is it on different subdomains ( vs Is there some user specific toggle to switch on the site with a dropdown or some selection as they enter the site? Is it automatically done based on IP geolocation? Are they wholly completely different domains ( vs Are they just different “views” of the same root domain but changes based on a path or route? ( vs   

So some of this can be fairly complicated and customized to your scenario - I wish there was a simple way to just press a button and have it translated for all users.  Oh wait, there is Google Gemini and ChatGPT on the horizon.  Maybe AI and LLMs will save us from the Tower of Babel!

Hope this helps!


Hi Joseph,


thank you very much for your answer and your detailed explanation!


That really helps a lot!


I already have sign up forms in English and German (that get shown depending of the location of the visitor) and will now set up two seperate Links witz your explanation.