Dimming the Background of a Flyout Signup Form

  • 21 April 2021
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I have created a flyout pop up I like. Is there a setting somewhere that allows the back homepage to go dim so that the fly out sign up jumps out more? Makes it more visible? I’ve seen other pop ups where the homescreen gets dim, and I’d love to have that look.



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4 replies

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Hello @CoverandQuill,

Great question! 

Although this wouldn’t be feasible with a Flyout form; this would be possible with a Popup form. The reason for this is, within a Flyout form’s Background Style settings, unlike a Popup form’s, there isn’t an option to adjust the “Overlay Color”. Within a Popup form’s Style Form Background settings, you can adjust and apply a desired color and even change the transparency of this color with the slide bar under the color selection.

On the other hand, with a Flyout form, to make the form stand out more, one suggestion we would make would be to applying a darker solid border around the form to make it “pop”. You can play with the setting and color of your choice by navigating to the form’s Style’s tab under the section of “Form Styles”.

Let me know how this goes!


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Thank you so much!! I’ll change to a pop up format. This is so helpful!

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I’m trying to dim the background also, but when I enter in an overlay color for dimming the background (I used the suggestion above - 20,20,20,41), it changes the background of the form itself from white to that color. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

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Hey there @sheepdreams,

Odd behavior indeed. If you are changing your overlay color only without touching the background color itself for a popup form, you should see no change in background color for the form. Do you mind sharing a screenshot of your settings to see what might be causing the issue?


Thank you!