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  • 13 October 2023
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I have a sign up form on the sign that will assign new subscribers a code - this is done automatically with the Shopify <> Klaviyo integration. 

I want to display the Unique Code when the user is on the website if they have signed up. 

Is this possible to do either via API or is it assigned to the user in Shopify and therefore accessible via liquid? 


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 Hi there again @pile


Happy to see you’re learning by asking questions on the Community! Happy to help! 


You can definitely accomplish this! While users can send their new subscribers a coupon in their welcome flow email , you could also show the coupon code in the success message of a form itself right on your website! 


Hope this helps! 



So I am wondering if we can retrieve the assigned code per user without using a form. 

The idea is that it could be displayed within a banner on the site that is displayed by Shopify i.e at the top of the header. 

From what I can see there is no option to place content via Klaviyo i.e a banner, only as a form. 
See example below: 


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Hi there @pile


To confirm, you are correct, this isn’t a native option to display the code again to each specific user on your website in Klaviyo. 


You would need to contact your developer or a Klaviyo partner  to create this custom workflow for you. If you are not interested in a custom solution I would take the steps I mention above! 


Hope this helps!