Do I always need email field in pop-ups?

  • 1 June 2023
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Hello Klaviyo community,

I have a doubt how we can collect data from existing customers via forms.


We want to set up a pop-up to collect preferences about a new product release that will only be showed only to customers or people that are already in our email lists.


Since we have already their email address I can omit to add the email field on the form? Klaviyo is able to detect who submitting the form and add answers into respective custom fields?


I would like to keep the forms as simple and straightforward as possible to maximize the submissions, and I feel making people that are already subscribed submit their email address again will turn out to be an high-friction point.


Thanks in advance for the help!





Best answer by Taylor Tarpley 1 June 2023, 18:36

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3 replies

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Hi there @Japricott


Thanks for sharing your question with us! Happy to help! 


If you are showing this SMS form to your email subscribers, aka already cookied users, then you are correct that you don’t need to ask for their email again as we can tie submissions back to customer profiles even if they are only providing their phone number.   Klaviyo tracks cookie of the users in 2 main ways:


- If a user clicks through a Klaviyo email that leads back to your site.

-  If a user signs up via a Klaviyo sign up form.


Thanks for participating in the Community!


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Hello @Taylor Tarpley

Thanks for the reply.

We will not collect phone numbers, just answers collected through a radio button block. Will this still work?




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Hi @Japricott,


Sorry for the error! 


Yes, it still will depending on the logic of how we use profile data in Klaviyo. I’d recommend checking out the documentation I linked as this concept explain it more deeply so you can confidently use it in future instances!