Don't show one pop-up if customer has not see another pop-up

  • 2 November 2022
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I am reluctant on using a third party for a pop-up service. I want to create two Pop-Ups however I don’t want to show one if they seen the other. 

  1. POP-UP WELCOME- subscribe to our email + £25 off
  2. POP-UP EXIT - Hey don’t leave one time offer - + £25 off + Free Next day delivery. 

I don’t want pop-up no.2 to show if they seen no.1. is there any way to create this flow?




Best answer by alex.hong 2 November 2022, 20:28

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3 replies

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Hi there @SK789 ,

Thanks for sharing to the Community.

This can be achieved by working with form behaviors and changing the setting so that form two will not show if people have signed up for the list of form 1.

You can target your form to display only to certain people using the below criteria. So on your exit form, you could also add the targeting behavior to not show to existing profiles since they would have signed up on the first form.


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Hey @alex.hong,

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

What happens in case we don’t want the second form to appear if people have seen the first form?

To clarify, your answer solves the issue for those who have signed up with the first form, but what happens to the majority of people who decide not to sign up?


I don’t want people who have already decided not to sign up, to have to deal with a second pop-up.
Any ideas on how to set that?

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Hi there @Stamos ,

You could make the behavior so that the second form won’t appear for those on a list/segment that is linked to the first form. If you are looking to explicitly target form 2’s behavior off of form 1, then I would look into custom legacy forms.