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  • 9 January 2023
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Hi Klaviers,


My ecommerce website is based on shopify and currently the emails are being triggered from Hubspot.


Objective: I want to setup the double opt-in email first in Klaviyo. 


  1. Is the double opt-in email gets auto triggered ? I could see default opt-in email & success page.
  2. Or Do I need to setup from the flows ?
  3. Double opt-in is enabled for the Newsletter list.
  • Does that mean that the list has the audience only with double opt-in ? 
  • Is the double opt-in emails are being triggered ? 


Little confused here. Please help.


Thanks in advance.



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6 replies

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I have 3 use cases for double opt-in.

  1. Checking the marketing email check-box while checking out
  2. Pop-up banners in the website
  3. Customer registering with Email with the platform


My question is: 

  • For all the cases, the audiences will be captured in one List called Newsletter ?
  • How could I setup one double opt-in email and confirmation page for all the cases ?
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Hello @suchi_klavier,

If you haven’t already, I would suggest taking a look at our Understanding the double opt-in process Help Center article.

As mentioned in it, double opt-in is set on the list level and is enabled by default. Because double opt-in is on a list level, you could have lists that have double opt-in enabled and lists that do not have it enabled. Only subscribers who signup to be added to a list that has double opt-in enabled will receive the confirmation email. For example, if you have a signup form linked to a list named Newsletter that has it enabled, then they’ll need to confirm their subscription prior to being fulled added to the list. 

Since double opt-in is already automated, you would not need to setup any extra flows in order for it to trigger. If you would like to customize the confirmation email to be more on brand, you can do so by navigating to the list’s Subscribe & Preference Pages settings and customizing the Email Confirmation page. You can learn more about this process and the various subscribe and preference pages option from the Getting started with consent pages article.

I would also encourage you to take a look at other discussions on this topic in the Community that could be helpful. I’ve included some below that I’ve personally found helpful:

I hope this helps!


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How can I create a segment where it tells me which users have not confirmed the double opt-in?

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Hey @Sanket,

Looks like @KatherineB shared a response in another Community post you commented on pertaining to a similar subject. I’ve included the post below in case you missed it:


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Hello there, 


Where in Klaviyo could I customize the email template that gets sent out for double opt in? Thank you

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Hi @Pamela-MJ


This thread will help you customize parts of the double opt in message!