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  • 31 May 2022
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I have a simple question I can’t solve:

I have created a pop-up form with a 10% code if the user signs with his email adress. But there are couple things that doesn’t work as expected:

  • When the user indicates the email, the code automatically appears in the popup form (it is not sent by email, so if you don’t copy paste it, you lose it)
  • The user receives an email asking for confirming the suscription, but not with the discount code. 

How could I change the settings so when suscribing an email you just receive an email (without confirmation requirement) giving you the welcome and indicating there (not before) your discount code?

Thank you very much for your time reading this!

All the best



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Hey @Germán 

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community! Happy to help with your discount code for your welcome emails.

I have made a quick video for you to show you how to change your pop-up signup form list settings from double opt-in to single opt-in. This will work for any list, just pick the right list in your account to update.

For the coupon code, is this coupon code unique or static? If it is static you can remove the coupon code from the success message on the signup form and add a text block in your welcome email with the coupon code. If it is a unique coupon code, when editing an email or SMS, include the following snippet, replacing "coupon_name" with the name of your coupon:

{% coupon_code 'CouponName' %}

The article I linked for coupons goes into details between the different types of coupons and how to use them if you are unsure of your coupon. Hope this helps!