Embedded form on Shopify appears with no contents on site

  • 9 January 2021
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Hi! I’ve attempted to follow Klaviyo’s instructions for inserting an embedded form created in Klaviyo onto my client’s Shopify site (Rewild Organics). There appears to be a div space made on the page when I insert the code snippet onto the page in theme files but the contents of the form appear to be empty.

There was one instance in which I inserted the code snippet into a Template file (as opposed to in a Section file, which is where the installation manual points to), and the form successfully appeared both on the live site and in the Shopify front end page editor, but upon refresh the form was gone. So I have hope this can work, but I am confused.

A few steps I have checked off according to the signup form troubleshooting page:

  • My signup form code snippet is verified -- and we already have newsletter sign ups flowing to Klaviyo
  • My site is live
  • Behaviors tab is set to allow form to be viewable by all visitors and site URLs
  • Not on internet explorer
  • Have tried in an incognito window and clearing cookies
  • Turned Ad blocker off


Any help solving this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much


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2 replies

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A couple of checks: Do you have any rules, filters or conditions on the embedded form? Only for specific segments for example? That could cause strange results.

Also are you sure that the Klaviyo scripts are loaded? If those are not loaded it will prevent it from loading as well. 

Can you add a regular page and embed the html code in it and check if it works?

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Hi @Optimotive WS,

Wanted to check in on this -- were you able to try the suggestions that @Omar offered? Are you still seeing the same issue? If not, can you share what worked for you?