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  • 8 July 2022
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I have a very straightforward task: I’d like to place an embedded form at the footer of each page on my simple Wordpress site.

I already have the other Klaviyo code pasted in a Headers and Footers plugin and my flyout form is working.

Then -- I tried copy and pasting the embedded form code in the footer widget - but it didn’t take.

Hmm, what else should I try? Are there some extra steps required to use embedded forms directly in Wordpress?

Thank you!


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4 replies

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Hello @meldrc,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

Have you had a chance to take a look at our How to Add a Klaviyo Embedded Form to Your WooCommerce Site Footer or Guide to Where to Paste a Form's Embed Code Help Center articles? If you haven’t I would suggest doing so. Not only are there instructions specifically highlighting how to embed a form to the footer of your Wordpress/WooCommerce site; but there’s also a gif highlighting how to do so. 

Another common mistake some users run into is not having their forms Published. I would suggest double checking in on this as well!

I hope this helps!


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Hi David, Apologies for the late response.

I tried the approach suggested in those articles. Basically I pasted the embed code in the footer widget (after pasting the Klaviyo.js code in a Headers and Footers plugin) -- and it didn’t work. And I double-checked, my form is set to published.

I’m pretty sure I read something on here about embed forms being tricky to install on Wordpress without Woocommerce. So yeah, I’m still wondering what the catch is…

Maybe I should try installing Woocommerce simply so I can get the embed form on my site? (I don’t need it otherwise.)



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Hey @meldrc,

It shouldn’t matter that you aren’t using WooCommerce. In fact, we have a number of members who aren’t using any sort of ecommerce integration with their Klaviyo account at all! Our Klaviyo signup forms are designed to work regardless of the type of website you have so long as the Klaviyo.js is installed appropriately, popup and flyout forms will appear. For embedded forms, an additional embed code will be needed to be added in order for the form to appear. 

I may suggest double checking with your site developer to ensure no additional codes on your site is impacting the form’s functionality. If you need an introduction to a developer, you can find a number of accredited Klaviyo Partners from our Klaviyo Partner Directory for more hands on assistance. 


Hi all!
I know I’m a year too late on this question but I was looking for this answer today.

I found something that can make it look like the embedding process isn’t working - but in fact is… 

In the form setup, make sure you don’t have ‘Don’t show to existing Klaviyo profiles’ selected in Targeting & behavior > Targeting by visitors section:


The form was actually embedded correctly, but the setting 'Don't Show to Existing Klaviyo Profiles' was making it invisible to me as I have a profile in Klaviyo.

I hope this helps someone!