Embedded forms not showing up on Shopify pages

  • 8 August 2023
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I have checked the many similar posts about embedded forms not displaying on pages but I still can’t figure out how to fix mine!


A few months ago I created one and it worked, and I noticed yesterday it no longer does. After hours of going around the corner and trying to set up a new page, I can’t get it to work.


User behaviour is tracked otherwise in Klaviyo, the embed code is in the page (in the content box as a script where it worked previously), form is set to show to everyone, and I even trying to specify the URL. Have tried incognito and different browsers. Still - no form. 


Help please, it’s driving me insane!


Thanks in advance x


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@Plimpet good works for me! Bad news...I have found the embed forms to be very inconsistent showing up or having a long delay. We often have not used them or use another type of form.

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Hi @Plimpet 
Just to echo @chelsgrove -  your form also works for me too and it also loaded within 2seconds of the page load - so it was fast. 

Just a quick question - are you the only one you know of who is having this issue? (form not showing). I wonder if it is isolated to your browser cookies?
They may need to be cleared, since first time browsers are seeing the form. 

Hope this helps!



Thank you @chelsgrove & @Kylie W!!! It’s odd because I tried two different browsers, one being one I don’t normally use so very strange. I tried on my two laptops, my husband’s and my phone and it didn’t work. And just now after having a similar issue with something totally unrelated, I realised it’s our home network blocking some traffic! ARGH.


Thanks SO much for your help, I thought I was going crazy going over the settings a million time xxx

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It works on every browser on my Window10 , could you really confirm it don’t work for you?
Might be some cookies setting that might be blocking on your browser