Feature Request: Advanced Settings on Pre-Built Signup Forms

  • 14 September 2021
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I would like to use the UI/UX of the Klaviyo prebuilt forms so that non-developers can easily create forms.
Other popup builders either have an HTML element block, custom JS block or just an ability to add IDs to elements(ie buttons).

Just adding the ability to add IDs to buttons will be a big help.


Also when using multi step forms only the first submit is firing the submit event the second does not fire anything. It would be awesome if the form can fire unique custom events on every step view.

Ex. get email form step > text with next button step > get phone form step > thank you step
If there is an advanced settings on every step we can name every step and klaviyoForm can fire the event every time the user viewed the step. example: e.detail.stepView = email-form-step.


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3 replies

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Hey @lance 

Thank you so much for reaching out to the Klaviyo Community with these product feature suggestions. I will roll these up to our development team. If there are any updates in the future, I will update this thread with any new information.

Thank you so much for being a thought leader in the Klaviyo Community!

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Thanks, I really hope to see these features in the next few build updates.

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Hey @lance 

I definitely understand how this would be beneficial and will make sure to update you here as soon as there is any new information for you!