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  • 25 January 2023
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I have a multi-step signup form, the first form is not from Klaviyo but it sends post data containing a field “first_name” to the page that generates the Klaviyo popup to subscribe to SMS.


I would like to nor have to ask the customer for their first name again and have it saved in Klaviyo.  I know there is the possibility to use hidden fields but it isn’t exactly clear how to get and store the “first_name” field from the POST data?


Hope that makes sense!


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Which is the form builder / pop up tool that you are using for first step? 

It may be that you can send the first name to klaviyo and then do not request the first name again in the klaviyo pop up?



The first popup is a custom implementation.  I can populate a hidden field easily on the page that the Klaviyo form is loaded from via the POST data but I just don’t understand how I can then feed that info over to Klaviyo when the new form is submitted.


Hopefully that helps!

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Hi there @pwd_sales,


Thanks for sharing your question with us and thanks @SeanMcC for popping in to help a fellow user!


Do you mind sharing the nature of your custom form? Is there a reason why you don’t want to consolidate your efforts and use a Klaviyo form to ask for a first name as well as asks them to subscribe to SMS? We have  a multi step form that can accomplish these two steps with ease! 


Thanks for participating in the Community!





Thank you for the input!


Yes - we have considered that and it may work if there is no possible way to make this work the way we would like.


It would be ideal for several reasons for us to capture the first step (name / email) in our custom form and then push the first name into Klaviyo in the next step.


I was just hoping there would be a simple way I could use PHP to push the POST data to the Klaviyo java script and have it loaded as a custom variable after the user submits for SMS.