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Hello, creating some forms and so far things are looking pretty good. Big ups to the Klaviyo team for putting extra resources on building what is a good form builder.


I know things are still evolving, work in progress, with that said, is there anyway to have a form with more that one step (intro page plus email or sms) to have its own background image? 

The intro page collected info from our customers like do you have dry, oily or blemished skin (choose one)

The next step is collect email

the next step is collect phone number 

Now, the intro page has more splash, more design but the background image spills over to the next steps which should not be as splashy. Only way to not have a universal background image that spills over into all steps?


There is the other half of the form where you could add an image for each step. Wish we could do this with the first half.

Any power tips to work around this?





Best answer by David To 16 May 2022, 20:43

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Hello @tracingrobots,

Great suggestion!

Although at present you wouldn’t be able to apply different background images to each steps in a multi-step signup form, depending on the design you want, some users have had luck using a combination of image blocks and a color matched background. 

Additionally, you wouldn’t just be limited to using Klaviyo built signup forms to collect subscribers! There are a number of third-party signup form providers that have built their own integrations with Klaviyo that could accomplish the same thing that may offer the type of customization you’re looking for. Some notable ones that are popular among Klaviyo users are JustUno, Privy, Typeform, and OptiMonk. You can also see a more comprehensive list of these partnered integrations from our Tech Partner Directory

I’ll also share your feedback and suggestion with our Product Team as this would be a great product enhancement for the multi-step signup forms feature. 

Thanks for being a part of the Klaviyo Community!


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thanks! like those third-party apps, we tried two of those. We like to use segments in some of our forms which they can’t do.

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@David To has this feature been added yet? Different background for different signup cards in the same form.thxs

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Hi there @tracingrobots


No update yet, I’m sorry to say! I’m sorry for the inconvenience and will share in this thread when we have an update!