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  • 5 November 2021
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We have custom form with file upload. Where we ask for ID proof.


Is there a way to send the ID proof to Klaviyo?


Thank you





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Hey @Mel 

Thank you so much for coming back to the Klaviyo Community for help with this!

When you say you are asking for proof of ID through a file upload on a form, do you mean a photo of their ID? The Klaviyo development team has a product feature request in the que to evaluate the ability to upload files through a form to Klaviyo, but at this time is not possible. I will add your request to the open ticket for this and will update this thread if there is any news. 

Thank you so much for being an active member of the Klaviyo Community and look forward to continued collaboration! 

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Hey @stephen.trumble 


Thank you for taking your time to respond to my question.


do you mean a photo of their ID?

Yes photo of their ID in png,pdf,jpg form. Like below


We are sending the user details to a List/segment in Klaviyo once they click sign up.


So I was wondering if there was a way to send the uploaded doscument as well.


Thank you



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Hey @Mel 

So as of now Klaviyo does not provide a way to send file attachments to or from Klaviyo. I have added your feature request to our product board for future review.

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We use this feature A LOT too! Would be fab to have the option!


Hello, is this project progressing? I mean the possibility to have a files upload input?

Where can we follow the development of this new feature?

Thank you,


I am trying to create a photo submission form in Klayvio - hoping to collect emails through this contest. Will this be available in the future?



Globoform doesn’t have the great features like you and they have this feature. I would like them to fill out the form and attach proof they are licensed to n=buy our product as they may not send a response email with proof of license then they will receive the email moving forward with the flow by mistake.


We would need this feature as well. When can we expect an update?

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Hey @Manu 

At this time I do not have a timeline or any new information on this. If and when there is, I will update this thread. Thank you!


I would like to make and additional comment here with regards to this functionality.


This is standard functionality across many other suppliers where, survey forms for example have the ability to attach a file when uploading. 


One of the uses for this I have also seen is in the running of consumer competitions or cash back uses cases where a consumer is asked to submit a photo of a receipt for example as proof of purchase to enter a competition or receive some sort of cash back incentive. 


My initial research indicates that your competitors in this space offer this functionality as standard,

qualtrics, surveymonkey, snapsurveys etc...

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This would be extremely helpful for us. Is there any update on this feature?


I’m really surprised this still isn’t available. Now I’ll end up using a HubSpot form embed on my site and will have to manage contacts in two different places. 


Please release this feature...

Any update on this feature as I see the first request has been submitted over a year ago?? 

We would really appreciate this feature being added!! PLEASE make this a priority on adding this feature to sign up forms! 

We also need this feature. It’s the one thing keeping us from migrating completely to Klaviyo

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Hi Community,

There is a workaround to use typeform which can be integrate with Klaviyo, but I'm also looking forward to this development.

Are there any updates on this feature release?? Looking to - at the very least - use this as a way to allow potential applicants to attach a PDF of their resume on our Careers page. As another poster stated earlier, this is a standard feature included in the basic packages for the vast majority of your competitors. 


The Klaviyo development team has a product feature request in the que to evaluate the ability to upload files through a form to Klaviyo, but at this time is not possible. I will add your request to the open ticket for this and will update this thread if there is any news. 

This is a critical need for our business. Warranty forms, product registrations, etc. all require the user to submit files as a form of validation. We don’t want to silo this by using separate software such as Typeform to collect media when all other user data is consolidated in Klaviyo.

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Hi all! 


As stephen mentioned, this is a highly requested feature, however, we do not have any more news to share at this point, but I will pass on this continued upvote for this feature! However, I will share that @AlG, for your use case, we do integrate with Typeform that will sync all the information it collects into Klaviyo to use and segment for marketing purposes! 




Is there any update on this? Does a customer have the ability to upload files a Shopify page through a Klaviyo form?

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Hi @Lisa M. 

We don’t currently have a timeline for this feature. With that said, I have re-surfaced this thread as feedback for our product team so they are aware of the need. Thank you again for sharing your opinion on this! 


As others have pointed out, the fact that Klavio doesn't support file attachments is a major letdown. We must seriously reconsider our decision to use Klavio in light of this significant drawback.

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This is a dire request from my client. So here is one more upvote for this feature request 


I was quite surprised to learn that a platform as advanced as Klaviyo does not support file uploads as part of an embedded form. Please treat this as an urgent development request from our side.




Hi @chloe.strange 


Is there any update on this feature? Has it been added to Klaviyo dev roadmap? 




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2 years later & still no upload facility?