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Hello Klaviyo Community,


I’m trying to build a opt-in landing page for my Shopify store. I have an embed and a pop-up, but I’d like to also have a stand-alone opt in.


I read this help article:


I created the anchor link as suggested but when I visit the URL, it just takes me to the home page of my store and after a while, the full page form appears. I have checked my targeting is to display immediately, so not sure why there is a delay or why it’d take me to the home page first instead of straight to the opt-in landing page.


I would ideally just like a URL that holds the opt-in landing page and not go first to my home page and then only after a while show the full page opt-in. 


Anyone know where I’m going wrong?




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Hey Smileyrox! This is a great question.


The behavior you’re seeing is somewhat expected, unfortunately. Klaviyo’s Full Page Form/Landing Page solution uses the signup form feature to create what looks like a landing page, though it is not exactly one. Essentially the workaround Klaviyo has created will allow you to create this anchor link that a form will appear on, but this still means it’s a form and not a page itself. Since you’ve checked the form behavior and there’s no additional time delay for the form to appear, it sounds like your site speed may just be a little slower which causes the form to be delayed and the homepage to show prior to the form loading. Without investigating further, this is my hypothesis.


Your options are to improve your site speed/loading times or use another landing page option like Shogun. I wouldn’t be too concerned with a short delay, however, if using the Klaviyo solution is the most efficient option for your business.


I hope this helps, and good luck with everything!

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Thank you for explaining it so well, appreciate it! @mirandainsideandout 😀