Grateful for advice on this sign up form behaviour

  • 19 November 2022
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Hi folks - thanks for your time and attention. I’ve been trying to problem solve a sign up form on my Shopify site for a few hours and I can’t find info about what to try next. 


The behaviour I’m trying to correct is as follows: 


The form doesn’t load according to the targeting and behaviour rules. The Teaser appears on the site before the form, and the user must click on it to display the form. I would like the form to display immediately and then revert to the teaser if the user doesn’t sign on.


When a user submits an email address, a white rectangle appears, instead of the success panel. I want the user to be shown the sign-up success panel.

Note - I believe the above is showing no middle step but grateful for advice on this



The user is not added to the relevant list. I want the user to be added to the relevant list.


The user receives no email confirming sign up. The email contains a link to a discount code, so I want the user to receive it.

Note - I’ve tried double and single op-in

I’m running tests on my deployed Shopify store, accessed via the site password. I’m working on desktop using a chromium browser - I assume Kaviyo has wide browser suport and this problem isn’t browser specific. I’ve tried using multiple different email addresses according to the Klaviyo documents. Klaviyo appears to be integrated properly with my site, given the teaser appears (though, I am not clear on this given the described behaviour). I don’t need specific answers to all of the above but I’ve obviously missed something. Grateful if someone could point me in the right direction. 


Thanks kindly










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Hi @JimmyAllDay 

First if you want the popup to show immediately you need to change the behavior to “Show on load page” and then in teaser behavior change to “Show Teaser after form is closed”

“+ Step” button showing you that you can configure additional step. Did you configure success page? It seems that this should work, single or double optin should be a problem there in my opinion.

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Thanks very much @Jakub - I appreciate your response.


I’ve tried multiple variations of different settings and yes, I can confirm I’ve tried the ‘after form is closed’ option you’ve suggested for the teaser. The more I’ve looked at this, the more I think it may be an integration issue. During my most recent efforts to problem-solve my various issues, I’ve found that I can initiate a Klaviyo flow from the footer email input field within my store, but not from the Klaviyo form. The Klaviyo form still shows a white rectangle after a user hits the form submit button. It’s fairly bizarre - I can’t find any documents that show a possible solution and I’ve gone through the settings several times now. I’ve submitted a request to Klaviyo support, so hopefully that will be fruitful. 


Thanks again for your response - I really appreciate the effort.

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Hi @JimmyAllDay,

You have integration with which ecommerce platform? I don’t know will it help in that case but couple of times removing and adding integration again help for me. 

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Thanks again @Jakub. It appears to be working now, would you believe.


So, for future reference for anyone interested in this thread, I got an email today from Klaviyo support stating that the integration works as per the Klaviyo settings. Upon checking, this was in fact correct, despite that I had made no changes to the settings. I have no idea why it commenced working but this was certainly not my experience of yesterday. The support person also did not mention having made any changes to my store or the Klaviyo backend.


For future users, if your integration isn’t working as expected it may be the case that you either have to contact Klaviyo support, wait (inexplicably) or follow @Jakub‘s advice and try to re-integrate with your ecommerce platform.