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  • 14 July 2021
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Hi everyone, I don’t know why this is happening however, the form we embedded on our site is not uploading all the data into their profile once they sign up.

Their first and last name in particular which is required in the form to be submitted. However, one of the fields will be missing and their last name is usually being added as their first name with last name blank. 

I have even done a dummy test and it loads my last name as my first name which triggered the flow to say hi to my last name. Any help would be much appreciated!! I have just moved over from Mail Chimp and the challenges I’m having is making me re-think my choice! 


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4 replies

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Hello @mummajones,

Thanks for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community. You have made the right choice with Klaviyo! Let’s get you going in the right direction.

This sounds like a mapping issue with the input fields in the form. If you navigate to the form editor and click on the input field i.e. First Name, you will see “Profile Property” on the left-hand side. I would first ensure that you do not have “First Name” or “Last Name” as the profile property for both of these text inputs. That could be a cause of this issue. Ensure that each text input is being mapped to the correct profile property. If you also have placeholder text, ensure this is aligned with the profile property as well as this could be another cause for confusion.


I would also double-check that the First/Last name are appearing correctly on the profile. If they are appearing correctly here and are not appearing properly in your test in the flow, this means that there is an issue with the tags in the template rather than the form.

If the issue persists, you can always create a net-new form and test that out as well.

If this is not a Klaviyo form, I recommend reaching out to the 3rd party app hosting the form for further assistance on correctly aligning the values for the form.

I hope this is helpful!


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Thank you so much DD!! Best explanation ever!! I found the problem the last name was mapped wrong. Can’t believe I did that! Is there anyway you can recall the data from the form so I can get their first name? It’s a Klaviyo form too. 


Also not sure if you know the answer to this. The below image doesn’t mean I’m sending multiple emails does it?

Thank you again so much!! I really appreciate your help so much!!

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Hi @mummajones,

Glad to hear we were able to resolve the issue :) 

While there isn’t a way to retrieve their previous inputs, if the same user were to re-fill another Klaviyo form including the First and Last name fields, (whether that’s a classic Klaviyo sign-up form or a manage preferences page), the original (first/last name) fifields would be overwritten, correcting the issue. With that in mind, your best bet to resolve this may be to send these users an update preferences page and prompt them to enter their first/last name once again.

Alternatively, if you have their correct first/last name information elsewhere, you can re-import these users via a .csv file into a Klaviyo list with the correct first/last names and their email addresses. That would also fix the issue.

With respect to your question on the received/open email events. Based on this screenshot, I can see that the user only received the email once since there is only a singular Received Email event. Multiple Opened Email events simply means the user has opened it multiple times, not received it multiple times.

Hope that was helpful!

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Thank you so much DD!!! It has really helped and I really appreciate your time on getting back to me!!