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  • 9 February 2022
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Hi, I've just come to Klaviyo from Constant Contact. I've created my first popup with an offer for signing up, and I've created a ‘welcome’ email, but I don’t know if / or how / they work together. Sorry, I’m new to this and would appreciate your help understanding how this works. All of my CC contacts and campaigns have been imported here, but I really don’t know if my new signups are receiving an email with the offer. Please point me in the right direction.

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Best answer by Spark Bridge Digital LLC 10 February 2022, 13:42

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2 replies

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Hey Nancy, there are a few things you can check to ensure everything is talking smoothly!

In your Pop-Up settings, click your button on the form to review the Click Action. Double-check that the ‘List to Submit’ matches the trigger of your Welcome Email Sequence. 

For example if your pop-up is sending to ‘Newsletter’ once they subscribe, your Metric trigger for your flow to send your welcome email offer should be ‘When someone Subscribes to Newsletter’.

If you see opt-in stats for your pop-up and you don’t see contacts entering your flow - check your List settings to see if double-opt in is selected.  You’ll select Single Opt-in if you want all of your new subscribers to begin being e-mailable right after submitting the pop-up.

In your Welcome flow, you an click your Welcome message to see how many people it has been delivered to when you need to get a pulse on how many contacts have received it. 

Hope that helps a bit!

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Thanks @nancy for this question and thank you so much @Spark Bridge Digital LLC for your awesome advice.

@nancy, you may find it helpful to review our documentation here (if you have not done so already) which contains additional tips for putting together your welcome series :) 

Something else to consider - if you already had users in your list before you completed setting up your welcome flow, and you wish to send those users through your welcome flow, you’ll need to backpopulate your flow. If you review the thread below, I explain how to do this for flows triggered off of lists (like yours is). 

For more information on flow movement in general, I recommend looking at How Contacts Move Through a Flow.

Also consider our Getting Started with Klaviyo Course it is completely free and great to ensure you have all of the Klaviyo essentials in order!

Hope that is helpful :)