How can I build my list before a new product launch?

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I’m about to launch a new product and want to do a week of list building (SMS and email) the week before.

I’m going to create an embed form to place on my site - promoting ‘sign-up to get early access to the launch’.

So, a couple of questions:

  1. Can I collect both email and SMS in an embed form? I can’t see that I can in Klaviyo. If this is the case, what then is the best way to give people the option to subscribe to the communication they prefer (either email, SMS or both)? This is particularly important for driving leads from Instagram. Or, can I only offer one or the other (email or SMS) in an embed form?
  2. Should new subscribers go into my main newsletter list and then I create segments for the early access subscribers (by creating a property profile for them). Or… should I create a new list for the early access subscribers?

I hope this all makes sense!


Thanks so much (in advance).






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Hi there @AmyMOMO


Thanks for sharing your question with us! Happy to help! 


You can collect SMS and email from your subscribers in an embed form by adding an another step after your email step in your form builder. To get to this step you would need to hit the ‘ + Step’ button at the top of your form builder and there will be an option to choose SMS collection for your next step. Users who want to sign up for SMS can complete the second step or not finish the form if they don’t want to, however the email will still be recorded if they exit or don’t finish the form. 


You could do either, however it’s considered best practice to add these users to your main list, for account hygiene purposes, and attaching a hidden profile property, ‘interested in new product launch’ with the form so you can then segment these subscribers out of your main list and contact them about the product launch. 



Is there any reason why you are thinking you want to accomplish this in an embed form? Since the new launch is a temporary event, I would consider using a normal popup form instead of a embed form as you would eventually have to remove the hidden profile property from the form after your product launch. 


Finally, our Community has so many resources available for continued learning! I’d recommend joining a user group based on your industry and learning from other experts partners to build a strong foundation.


Thanks for participating in the Community!


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Thanks Taylor. This really clarifies it for me.


~ Amy