How can I create a form that won't load until you click on teaser?

  • 9 June 2023
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I have a sign up form I’d like to only show up if someone clicks on the teaser. So page loads → visitor clicks on the teaser -> sign up form shows up. If they don’t click on the teaser, the form doesn’t appear. I currently have the teaser set to show before displaying form, but the form appears regardless based on its own rules. I assume I have to use a custom trigger for this? 


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Hi @saraemerson


Thanks for asking your question in the Community, happy to help! 


It should be noted that if you want a form teaser to display before the form shows, it will display until a visitor clicks it, or until the form's display conditions are met (e.g., time delay or scroll percentage). The reason why you might be seeing it before someone clicks the team could be because the form’s targeting & display conditions are being met before a user clicks the teaser to open the form. I would recommend setting the form’s behavior as the screenshot below shows to ensure the form won’t load based on it’s behavior setting and only when a user clicks it if that’s your goal! 

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