How can I translate sign up form validation messages?

  • 25 February 2021
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I’m looking for a way to translate validation messages used in sign up forms.

The Language of the list is set to Polish but despite that the validation messages, like: “This field is required” or “Please enter a valid email address”  are presented in English and I’m unable to locate settings to either set them to Polish or translate.

Please kindly advise.


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28 replies

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Hey @Kongamato9,

Really appreciate you point this discrepancy out! I’ll pass your note over to our Product Team to include in our product enhancement request. 



Hi Team-Klaviyo!

Could you solve the problem to translate validation messages used in sign up forms?


Please tell me yes, I guess it wouldn’t be that hard to add this to the settings, right.:sweat_smile:

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Hey @blecom,

Our product team is aware of this Product enhancement to have the ability to translate those error messages within signup forms. At present those error messages are hard coded to display in english and is not adjustable. 

The current work around and best answer to allow the validation messages to be translated would be to custom code and use your own custom signup form. You can find resources we offer on how to build your own custom signup forms using HTML/CSS from the Help Center articles below. Because using a custom built signup form allows for more customizations that is dictated by how the form is built, it offers more flexibility in its behavior such as having those error/validation messages appear in a different language.

If we receive any updates from our Product Team regarding the enhancement of this feature, we’ll be sure to update this thread with the news!

Happy holidays!