How do I automate sending a discount code?

  • 16 March 2021
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Hi there,

I need to use Klaviyo for a slightly custom purpose and was wondering a. if it was possible and b. how would I set it up.

So I need to e-mail a relatively small number of customers who have returned a product to us. The aim is to find out more information about the reason for their return. From the initial e-mail, I want to link them to a form which can be hosted anywhere, but ideally on our website. The form would include their name, and then a free text box allowing them to enter the details we require.

Once they have completed a form with the required details, I then want to send them a discount code to thank them for their response.

First off, I need to create a custom form which will allow me to gather the information I need. I need to be able to see the responses easily. And then I guess I need to add them to a specific list so I can add them to a flow?

There may be an easier way to achieve what I am attempting to achieve. Be great if someone could help.




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@bath123 - This is a great idea!  I’ve done this in different ways, and it really depends on how complex you want to make this.  

First, I assume you created a Segment of people who’ve returned an item (in Shopify, the closest native metric is called “Refunded Orders”).  If you have another way to build that Segment, or simply upload a list of people into a one-time List, you can do that too.

Then, you have a few options to build the Form: 

Klaviyo Signup Form
The simplest way to do this is to create a Klaviyo Signup Form and embed it on a hidden page on your site.  Klaviyo let’s you add the standard options of dropdowns, radio buttons, text input, etc.  The nice thing is, for each input value, you can specify the custom property field name, and when a user completes the form, that data is instantly in their profile.

Next, If you specify a unique “source” value for the form, then you can create a Segment based on that source value. 

And then build a Flow based on that Segment to send the coupon. Alternatively, you can simply send a one time Campaign to that Segment if you prefer. 

Third Party Survey Forms 

You can also use a third party form, whether it’s Typeform, or Wufoo Forms, etc. They vary slightly on how to build a form and how they can be embedded to a page on your site (or linked directly), but the rest of the process is similar. 

Create a Segment for those who completed those forms.

Then, trigger a Flow when someone submits a Form to send your coupon code (or send it via a one-time Campaign to that Segment)