How do i embed a sign up form link into my css code on the Product Recommendation Quiz

  • 14 March 2021
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Im currently trying to edit the code section of the last page of a survey and i want to embed a Klaviyo signup link so the results go straight into a list on klaviyo to speed up the flow. 

What code can I write to embed the code into this email section so it is connected to the form in klaviyo. I don't know how to access the html code so if there is a way of only changing the css code for this page, that would be great.

If you have a better way of doing this I am also all ears.

Goal: to create a process where the person enters their email and gets an automated message



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When building out a Klaviyo form in your account, you have the ability to direct the form to a Klaviyo list directly from within the signup form editor. You will notice a snippet of code within the behaviors tab of the embed form in Klaviyo’s signup form editor that is unique to that embed form. This will be the code you will want to paste into the 3rd party tool that you’re using to power your quiz. 


As for where to paste that code within the 3rd party tool, it will depend on the platform that you’re using. I would suggest checking the help center for the 3rd party platform or reaching out directly to a customer representative at that 3rd party to see if they can guide you on where to paste the code within their platform. 


Once the embed form is successfully added to the quiz, you can then trigger a flow based off of the trigger of “someone being added to list X.”


Hope this helps!