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  • 25 June 2023
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I have a Klaviyo pop-up form on my website that offers a discount code for first time shoppers. The submit rate is really good but I’m noticing that many people aren’t using the code once they receive it. 

My question is:

How do I automate a follow up email that only targets the people that have received the discount code but haven’t used it?

I’m kind of new to Klaviyo so the more detailed you can be on how to do this the better lol. 

Thanks for the help!


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In the flow where you send this automated message with the discount code you should add another email that will be the reminder for the code usage.

And about how to make sure only people who haven’t used it get the reminder this is a bit tricky and depends if this is a static code or dynamic one. 

If it is static you can set up conditional split before email and set the condition to: “Placed order zero times overall where discount codes contain and pick that static discount code from the dropdown”

But if this is dynamic code that you are offering then the best you can do is set a simpler conditional split: “Placed order zero times since starting this flow” this way people who place order won’t receive the reminder even if they haven’t used the dynamic code but that is the closest you can do the setup to what you want to do.. Anyway if they placed an order you don’t need to send them the discount reminder..


Thank you!