How do I set up 2 pop ups forms appearing at different times?

  • 9 December 2021
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Hi I am trying to do the following:

Someone suggested I could have 2 different pop ups appearing at different times, say after 2 seconds, then after 10 seconds. Is that a done practice or too much overload for visitors?

I think it will give more opportunity to optin. 

The 1st discount popup (appearing after 2 seconds) would send the discount code in the 1st email and then send the newsletter tips/promotions in subsequent emails, and the 2nd optin form is the newsletter, (ie 1st email is the “3 tips” info, second email could be the discount code….so it would be a case of switching the order of the first 2 emails around for each optin form.

  1. How do I set that up?
  2. And do I link the discount pop up to a flow? (the “welcome series”?) and then link that flow to the newsletter?
  3. Do I link the 2nd pop up for the newsletter to a campaign rather than a flow?

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Hi @Sunil


Welcome to the Community! Happy to hop on here and offer some insight!


Yes, you can definitely have two pop up forms appear at two different times to accomplish different things. I saw that advised you on how to create an exit-intent form, and I think that would be a great idea as this would create more space between the two forms for your user.


It seems like you are looking to basically send the same content to the users who subscribe to your marketing. I would consider creating these two different forms, one to pop up almost immediately and one for exit intent, however, have them connect to the same List upon form submission and be sent into the same flow. This would simplify your process and make things less complicated. The first pop up could ask if they want to receive a discount by signing up for your newsletter, the latter could say “Make sure you don’t leave this discount behind!”. You cannot connect a form to a campaign, as a campaign is a one-time send, while a Flow is an automated sequence of emails/SMS messages initiated by a trigger action, like being added to a List. 


I would reference your other post, where David gives great Help Center Articles on how to Build sign up forms and to gain further insight on them. To connect these form submissions to the Flow, you would need to select the Sign up Bottom > Button Click Action > List to Submit and choose the List you want to trigger the Flow.



In order to send users through a “Flow”, you would need to set up the trigger of the Flow. Usually, if you want to send users through a Flow after a form submission, the form is connected to a List and being ‘added to the _______(name of your List) List” would trigger a certain flow experience you want your users to have and particular messages you want them to receive. As seen below, 




Additionally, I can see one of my awesome coworker Stephen give a lot of helpful articles on setting up these flows for the first time. 


Finally, Klaviyo also has an awesome Academy site that has helpful resources to learn more about the Klaviyo product and level up your skills! I would recommend taking a look at the Getting Started with Klaviyo and Creating an Effective Acquisition Strategy Using Signup Forms courses to help you build a strong product knowledge foundation and get on your feet so to speak! 


Thanks for participating in the Community! 


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@Taylor Tarpley thanks for that clarification, it’s very helpful!

I will set up these 2 forms linking to a flow and if there’s any problems I’ll come back to you.