How to connect an embed form for gathering mailing addresses

  • 19 November 2023
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I am trying to create an embedded form for a catalog request sign up page. I want to collect the customer’s physical mailing address (not email) to send them a catalog by mail when they request one. This is a bit atypical from how Klayvio usually functions because I’m not trying to collect email addresses here (I already gather them elsewhere, and don’t want to force people to enter an email when what they really want is a catalog) I have a few questions:

  1. How do I link the inputted information to a specific list? In the Button Click Action section, there is no “list to submit” option to choose what list their information is saved to. I only see Action and After Action options. 
  2.  Is there a way to set up an email notification to myself any time someone enters this list? I’d like to receive an email so I know each time this action happens.


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Hey @tiva255 

Thanks for asking some great questions!

Quick question. Is this an older form that you cloned or repurposing? Im trying to recreate what you have in your image but when I create a net new embed form it has a “submit to list” field that you are missing. My best guess is that this was cloned from another form or you are updating a form already in use?

When you first created the embed form it should have also given you the opportunity to set the list: 

Let me know what you’re working with so I can dive deeper into how to fix this for you!

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It’s not a clone or older form, the issue is that if there is no email field then “submit to list” is not an option. I’m guessing Klayvio just doesn’t work this way if there is no email address to assign to the profile. When making a new embed form, yes it does let you choose the list but that’s because the form defaults to having an email entry field from the start. If you remove that email field the submit to list option disappears.