How to create a pop-up to encourage filling out preferences and show coupon after?

  • 22 August 2023
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Hi, I’d like to create a pop-up that only shows to existing subscribers but that

  1. doesn’t add them to a subscriber list (they’re already on it)
  2. links to the manage preferences link instead
  3. and also has an extra step to show a discount coupon

Is that possible?



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5 replies

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Hi @KTDents, welcome to the community!

So in short, you can absolutely make a popup for other objectives other than collecting email optins.  You can also target a Segment of users that you can define so that the popups only show to users that match your Segment rules.

In your case, you would create a Segment of subscribers, who have not yet updated their Preferences or missing some values, and when you build the Signup Form you can create a Button or a Link that directs them to the Subscribe Page of your List where they can provide additional information.  You can add additional Steps in your Form just like any Form to include discount coupons or other success message.

Alternatively, if you prefer to create an embedded Klaviyo Signup Form, you can also use that instead of the Subscribe Page to request information differently then what is in your Subscribe Page.

Hope that helps get you started!


Hi Joseph,

Thanks for your help.

I’m confident with the segmentation, it’s more that once I switch the Button functionality to Action > go to url, then the +step and success steps grey-out and I can no longer use them. I’d like to use them to include a discount code. They become available again if I change to Action > Submit form > Show next step. But I don’t need anyone to submit the form and instead want them to be able to click a url. 

Please advise.


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Hi @KTDents


Thanks for sharing your question with us! 


@retention has great insight here! However, you’re right, you won’t be able to show them a discount after your URL redirect.


I would consider adding a hidden property to the form that will add to a customer’s profile upon form submission. The property would attach to the submit button on the first step, ‘profile information, of your form with this possible text: ‘We haven’t received your preferences on how you want to hear from us. Do you want to receive a discount by sharing your preferences with us?’. If a user confirms they want to do this, they click the button and are taken to the next step of your form, which would take them to the URL once they click the button on this second step as well.


After creating the form in this way, you can then create a segment to catch all users who updated their preferences after completing this form with these conditions: 

  • are on your list
  • have the form property that is added upon form submission
  • Have preferences attached to the profile (I would connect all options you give by the OR connecting so it captures all possible options a user could pick.


You can then create a segment-triggered flow that would send a message to all users who dynamically enter this segment and share the coupon email this way. 


Hope this helps!





Thanks, Please can you help step this out for me, am new to Klaviyo and still trying to work it all out.

Have I got this right

Email opt in - includes button ‘yes I want...’ which takes you to…

Blank step - includes button to marketing preferences

How does this get to the Success step?

I haven’t used hidden properties much and don’t really follow.

Thanks so much for your help, super appreciated!

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Hey @KTDents,

I would suggest checking out our Profile properties reference Help Center article which has more details on how to setup and use hidden properties through a sign-up form. Specifically, the Form with hidden fields subsection. 

The How to segment for form results and Understanding form blocks and fields are other articles I would suggest looking through as they also offer some supplementary resources.