How to limit how many choices a customer can select from a multi checkbox?

  • 30 January 2024
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I am currently using a pop up with a multi checkbox for potential customers to choose what type(s) of products they are interested in. How do I limit the number of choices they can select? And is it possible that if they select one in particular (the option is “I’m not sure”) they can not pick any others? If this doesn’t work with the multi checkbox, is there another option I can use for this purpose?


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Hi @MatthewR! I guess I am wondering why you would want to limit them - and maybe it works for your products, but I am thinking that it might be okay if they select more because then there are more chances for you to get in front of them. You can use segments too to help create some of these lists of people that you would like to send to based off of a variety of things. I do get want the “I am not sure” to be on the only one to select, but again, not the worst thing if you send them an email based on this, or create a segment to help find anyone with that plus another option to help change their profiles.

As a consumer - let’s say it’s make-up. I might be interested strongly in learning about Foundation, but I might also check “I am not sure” in case I am open to learning about more products.

Just throwing out a different way to think of it since there does not seem to be a way to limit the number of boxes checked.

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Hi @MatthewR !

I am with @chelsgrove on this one - I’m not sure there would be many reasons why I would want less data from my customers when I could have more! 

Aside from the fact that the current selection logic you describe does not exist natively in Klaviyo, you might find that this would give you less to work with in terms of segmentation variables. Allowing users to select multiple categories without limitations is also great for new product discovery and cross-sell opportunities. 

Hope this helps!

-- Ashley Ismailovski