How to remove flyout “15% off”?

  • 3 December 2022
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I apologize if this has been asked but I’m not sure what you call this. But I don’t know how to remove the “Get 15% off” button that appeared on shopify.

 I don’t know which button I turned on to make this happen. 


Thanks in advance!


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Hi there @isamonic


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The ‘Get 15% Off’ message is what’s called a Form Teaser. The reason you see this on your Shopify website connected to your Klaviyo account, is because this teaser was created in your form builder. To  delete this teaser, navigate to your Form Builder on your Klaviyo Account and click on the three dots by the ‘Teaser block’. A dropdown option to delete should appear and then you’re good to go! 


For more information on navigating your Klaviyo account and gaining more insight, I’d check out these Klaviyo Academy courses to level up your Klaviyo learning! 


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Thank you for your answer! 


i did that but it is still showing on my website