How to remove signup forms?

  • 17 December 2021
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I added a signup form and when not needed disabled it but it still keeps popping up on my pages. I even deleted the form as no longer wanted it, it still keeps showing up. How to I completely remove a popup from my pages? 

2 replies

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Hi @rightcrunch


Welcome to the Community, we’re so glad your’e here! Sorry to hear you’ve been having signup form issues!


You can disable a form by turning it from Live > Draft Mode in your Form Editor. When you make this switch, this image will let you know your form has been unpublished and removed from you site. Can you confirm the form is a Klaviyo pop up form and not a form from a third-party or custom integration? If it’s a Klaviyo form and you have deleted it, then it should definitely not be appearing on your site any longer and should no longer be visible in your form library.  



In my experience, when Klaviyo forms are having trouble either appearing or disappearing on websites, is issue might be that there are duplicate stores attached to the same website or two Klaviyo .js embedded in the site’s source code. Do you mind navigating to your account’s dashboard on the top right corner where you see your brand’s name and clicking the dropdown menu to see if two accounts appear? If so, this would mean you have two stores attached to your account, and there might be an active form on this duplicate account that keeps appearing. To disable a duplicate account, you would need to contact our awesome Support team.  If not, would you mind sharing a screenshot of the popup on your site and what your form library looks like in your account? 


Thanks for participating in the Community! 


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Hello i have The same problem and i cant see the way to remove this pop up from my website.


Thank you