I stopped using Klaviyo but my theme newsletter form is linking to an error page?

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Can anyone help me work out what’s going on here and how to fix it?

I stopped using Klaviyo a month or so ago for my subscriber forms, and my shop went live last week and has a newsletter form built into the footer area which is created and controlled by my website theme which is Gecko. This means that it should be sending any subscribers that use this particular form to my Shopify customer list and then any third party apps (such as Klaviyo) will sync with this information, but only if it’s set up to do so. 

This is the newsletter section from my theme and the form in question:

In my account there are 3 Klaviyo sign up forms (one a popup) which were disabled a month or so ago here…none of these should relate to this form since the form above is not embedded or created in Klaviyo because it’s created and managed by my theme. 

The link being thrown up when you subscribe through my theme newsletter for is this:

I need to work out how to unlink Klaviyo from this form, can anyone help?

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UPDATE: I have just deleted all my Klaviyo sign up forms and the issue hasn’t changed - anyone know what’s going on here?


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Happy to help! 


If your website is Shopify, I’d check your integrations tab as when Shopify <> Klaviyo are integrated, Shopify subscribers, such as the ones who fill out your footer form feed into Klaviyo via a designated list. 

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