iPad email list sign up for brick & mortar

  • 23 March 2021
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I want to build a simple sign up form for an iPad.


The concept (nothing new of course) is an iPad station in my store where people can sign up for the email list. Ideally it goes back to square 1 for the next person after completion.


Are there any tutorials for this - I’ve searched and can not find a solution.


Any help is appreciated!


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6 replies

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Hey @lemonandline - this is a great use case!


I’ve seen people do this by using Klaviyo’s URL targeting behavior with signup forms. You could create a new page on your online store that will only be used by the iPad to collect new signups. Next, you’d create a form in Klaviyo and set that form to only appear on that specific URL. You could setup the iPad so that it’s already showing that page, where the signup form would appear for customers to subscribe. You’d need to refresh the page after each signup though in order to get the form to appear again for the next customer. 


I haven’t come across any specific guides that walk through this but will keep looking!

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That seems like a reasonable work around. I’d have to configure the iPad to show only that page as we don't want people navigating around randomly.


This seems like a pretty viable feature. Tradeshows etc. I know MailChimp - which we left to come to Kaviyo offers MAILCHIMP SUBSCRIBE which is exactly what we’re looking for.


Klaviyo should fast track this as a solution for physical sign ups.

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Exactly! Thanks for this feedback! I’ve submitted a feature request for this.

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Even if it isn't going to be added as a feature - integrating with folks who make it easy would be super beneficial. for example & they integrate with most industry standard folks already.

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Thanks for highlighting OnSpot! I can pass this along to the team to see if there’s a good fit. Really appreciate your insight!

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Seems so odd that this very simple feature isn’t a part of Klaviyo’s offerings. The workaround is not as user friendly at all. I’m disappointed with the switch to Klaviyo from MailChimp in so many ways. More expensive with a lot less features.