Is it possible to send Popup subscribers back to the page they signed up on?

  • 22 April 2023
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Is it possible to send Popup subscribers back to the page they signed up on? If a subscriber signs up on my popup and goes through my welcome flow. Is it possible to send them dynamically back to the page where they signed up on?


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Hi @spanier865


Welcome to the Community! Happy to help! 


What are the different option of pages a user can be on when they fill out a form? Normally dynamic information use cases like this are only possible if the info is already present in the flow trigger’s event data, ie an Abandon Checkout trigger can take a user dynamically back to their cart because the ‘Checkout Started’ metric that’s used for the flow’s trigger already has all the info needed in the metric. However, since a Welcome Flow is a list-triggered flow and there isn’t any event data to investigate and pull from, it’s not an option. 


If you can share more about my first question and your goal through this, I might be able to help you achieve a workaround though! 


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@spanier865 that's an awesome question.

In short you'd like them to continue their journey where they left it. In short this can not be done out of the box at this moment. But a great feature request @Taylor Tarpley.

You could however change the function of the popup to close the popup (share the incentive on the thankyou part of the popup). This way the person stays on the same page.


The alternative is to use another tool for this or built it out yourself and add event data about the signup page so you can use it later in the flows.


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