Is there a way to create conditions in the stages of the signup form?

  • 26 June 2022
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Hey friends.
I want to create a signup form where there is a certain condition - if the customer added a phone number, he will get a coupon code in the next step.
If the customer does not add a phone number - he will not receive a coupon code in the next step.
I add the phone in the second step in the pop-up. That is:
First window - first name and email.
Second window - an offer to add a phone number and get a 10% coupon code for the phone.
Third window - two options: if you filled in a phone you get a discount code, if you did not fill in a phone you get a window "Thank you very much for registering".
Is it possible?
Thank you!


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Hi @zeremitay, welcome to the community!

Klaviyo’s Signup Form “Steps” don’t have conditional logic in them (yet), but as a work around, you might want to consider sending (or not sending) the “coupon code” via SMS (or email).  You can set this up with a SMS Subscribed List triggered Flow, that sends an email once they’re subscribed. 

A few benefits of this is you will encourage people to use a valid SMS, especially if you message it in your Step 2 : “Sign up for SMS and we’ll text you a 10% coupon code.”  That way, if they skip it, they obviously won’t expect to get a coupon code.  And if they want the coupon code, they will implicitly know to enter a phone number that is valid and works.  You can also send them an email with the same code just in case too.   

Regardless if they provide a Phone Number, they can go to Step 3 to “Thank you very much for registering” - you may want to remind them to check their email and/or SMS here as well.