Issues with Custom Property and Dynamic Tag

  • 9 June 2022
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I’ve created a Sign Up sheet with Custom Property Fields and added a dynamic tag to my template. I can’t find any articles on how to remove the [ selection ] around the selected field. These are my settings that I have currently: 


The above photo is what is sending through email


Thank you so much for any guidance on this!



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5 replies

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Hi Christine,

I hope you’re doing well ?


May I ask you what is your dynamic tag in your Klaviyo template ? I think the issue might be here..


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Here is the dynamic tag i used!


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This dynamic tag seems fine to me.

Could you, please go on the profile of a person with the tag “FavoriteTea” and check the value in it ?


Are the [  ] still there ?

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Yes, it only shows up in the email there! Here is the Profile Property



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Hi @xstine0


I think you are might be pulling in the [ ] brackets in your tag as they don’t seem to be part of the property value itself! I would inspect how you’re calling the property to display in your tag.


I’d recommend checking out our documentation on Template Tags and Variable Syntax structure when it deals with custom properties as it would be very insightful to understand how tags work! 


Thanks for sharing your question in the Community!