Klaviyo Back in Stock Alert-Mobile not working

  • 11 May 2023
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Our back in stock alert sign up is working on desktop, but not mobile version. The desktop shows the back in stock alert “notfiy when available” box and people can add their email. But for mobile, the Add To Cart is ghosted and when they click it, only a sales motivator popup comes up to buy another product. Is it something in the code that needs to be added for mobile version? 


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Hi @margaretk,

Thanks for being a part of our community! At this time, we are only able to help implement back-in-stock for standard free Shopify themes. You can see the basic free themes that we support listed in our Customizing Back in Stock Styling for Free Shopify Themes help center article.

Theme developers are not required to follow some basic guidelines that allow our back-in-stock feature to function. Therefore we are not able to offer custom solutions for custom themes. Sometimes the theme developer will be able to help with this implementation or you can reach out to one of our approved partners.

If you end up working with a developer, you also have the option to build a fully customized solution. Our Back In Stock feature works by sending an event metric into Klaviyo which triggers a flow. You just need to send the Variant ID, Product ID, and email address. All of this can be custom-built using our open API to work with your website. If that is something that interests you, I would recommend taking a look at our Back in Stock for Mobile App Developers help center article.

Otherwise, there are other back-in-stock solutions supported through Shopify that you can find through their apps section.

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