Klaviyo doesn't save contacts to the right list when they come from Google

  • 10 April 2024
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When my traffic comes from Google and visitors sign up for a Klavyio pop-up embedded on my site, Klavyio doesn't save them to the right list.

Klavyio indicate that customers sign up for my newsletter via my site and that it imports them from Shopify. This is a mistake, as they sign up via the Klavyio form.

Profiles should be added to my POP UP list, not my newsletter list.

Do you know what could explain this?

It seems to me that this only happens when the traffic source is Google. 

Basically when I'm pretty sure that I should be seeing this (checked on Hotjar) :

I'm seeing this :

Thank you in advance for your help


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3 replies

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Hi there @Auriane


Thanks for sharing your question with us! Happy to clear up the confusion! 


First step is to investigate whether or not this form is Klaviyo or Shopify. Typically, embed forms at the bottom of a page are native to Shopify. Additionally, If these signups are coming through the Shopify integration and added to the connected List, that leads me to believe that this might in fact be a Shopify form vs a Klaviyo form and would explain why it’s going to a different list than you thought.


However, my advice is to always investigate and test! Go to your ‘Forms’ section of your Klaviyo account and confirm whether or not you have embed forms and whether or not the specific embed your talking about is in fact in your account. Next I would go into the backend of your Shopify form and look for this form as well for the final confirmation. Then test the form yourself and see if the Shopify connection is working as it should! 


Hope this helps! 



Hello and thank you very much for your feedback

I'm absolutely sure that my visitors register via my klaviyo form. He’s online, highly visible and opens when the site pages are opened. More, I can see on Hotjar that my visitors interact with this space and not with a native shopify form.

What's problematic here is that Shopify is appropriating the registration when it's really due to the Klaviyo form.

When I do the test with organic traffic, everything works fine and I'm included in the list associated with my Klavyio form when I complete it. But when the traffic comes from a google paid campaign, then the visitor isn't integrated into the right list when he completes the same form.

Thanks in advance for your help :)

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Hi @Auriane


Are you still experiencing this issue? How many users can you isolate that this is happening to?