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  • 1 February 2022
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Do ad blockers and Duck Duck Go Privacy Essentials prevent all forms from showing up? I cannot seem to get around this, between embedded forms, pop ups, etc. How do I get a customer to sign up when using these? Thank you. 



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Hello @reblight,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

Great question! Ad blockers such as Duck Duck Go Privacy Essentials and other similar softwares, extensions, or plugins would prevent Klaviyo signup forms from appearing. This is due to how these software function as their intended goal is to omit and prevent such aspects from appearing for the user. Ad blockers typically function by stripping the site of third party javascripts present on your webpage when being loaded. Because of this, the Klaviyo.js which is installed on your site to trigger and render these signup forms are omitted on page load. 

To allow signup forms to display even for users running ad blockers, you’ll want to custom code your signup forms via HTML/CSS. Since custom coding these forms onto your site, they would be considered hard coded rather than rendered from a third party code; therefore allowing them to appear despite the use of an ad blocker as they would be seen as a part of your site code. 

To learn more about custom coding your own signup forms, I would suggest taking a look at some resources we offer below. If you are unfamiliar with coding, we also recommend reaching out to a developer or working with one of our wonderful Klaviyo Partner!


I hope this helps!


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All of the links above about legacy signup forms are now 404s. Do you have updated versions or other information on how to set up a hardcoded legacy form please?

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Hi @SpaceCadetSteph!

The information from those Help Center articles can be found in this thread here: