Klaviyo form loads slow on Pagefly landing page

  • 6 July 2021
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I notice that our Klaviyo form loads a couple of seconds after a page has loaded. Can we do something about that?



Best answer by Dov 7 July 2021, 17:37

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Hello @Artur,

Thanks for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community.

Our javascript (which is what powers forms like these) loads "asynchronously" -- meaning it won't slow down the rest of your site. This can sometimes lead to a difference of ~1 second between the page loading and the form appearing; this allows your site to load faster overall, and in our experience, doesn't lead to a lower response rate than a form that loads in-sync with the rest of the page. 

That said, we're constantly working on ways to make our code load faster, and I'd be happy to share your feedback with our team. If you'd prefer to use an alternative form, you can look into custom-coding a form like this: Add and Customize a Legacy Embedded Signup Form

This would allow you full control over the form's elements, and would require a developer's assistance to implement. 

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Hi Dov,


Thank you for your answer. sometimes it is really much slower as 1 sec, can we do something about that?


I have added a screen recording, sometimes it is much slower than this.

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Hello @Artur,

Thank you for the follow-up note. 

I recommend double checking your website for duplicate scripts of our onsite javascript. Having multiple or duplicate scripts installed can slow down the sign-up form load times as well. If you notice duplicate scripts, you should reach out to support to have them remove the duplicates.

Additionally, depending on your integration, you may have a larger version of the same snippet (highlighted in the article I hyperlinked above). If so, I recommend removing the larger, automatically injected snippet  and replacing it with the javascript snippet contained in the article.

Finally, I would check the overall composition of your site code. You may need some general refactoring to optimize speed on your site, which again I would contact a developer to assist with this task.

Thanks and have a wonderful rest of your day.