Klaviyo forms pop-up when customers tap on product and try to checkout

  • 9 March 2023
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I recently set-up two signup forms, one for mobile and the other for desktop browsers. When I published the forms they would appear as per the targeting behavior but they also appear when I click a product on the homepage or when trying to checkout. I can dismiss the forms but they reappear when I click the product again. 

It was not allowing customers to checkout on the site so I disabled both forms. I want to start serving these forms ASAP as they are for my welcome flow and a large revenue driver to my business. Any help is appreciated!


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Hi @buildfastbrian,

Thanks for sharing this with us.

There’s a few things I would consider. First, under the Targeting and Behavior form settings, checking that “show again after X days” is set to at least 1 or more days. After exiting the form, this should prevent them from reopening until 24 hours later. We have some recommendations on time periods (X amount of days after closing) depending on your goals for the form. I would also look at Targeting By URL section. You can specify a URL to not show this sign-up form. Depending on the URL for your product pages and your checkout page, you may be able to use the contains filter to tell the form not to show on product pages or the checkout page. For example: do not show on:

If you’re still having trouble after testing the above, I suspect there may be a code conflict on your site that’s causing the forms to populate when they shouldn’t be. For example, a javascript snippet coming from a 3rd party application/plug-in interfering with the ability of Klaviyo signup forms to populate in line with the behavior settings. I recommend trying to disable any 3rd party applications or plug-ins you’re using while testing my recommendations for that reason.

I hope that’s helpful.