klaviyo overwrite my e-commerce styles

  • 23 August 2023
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i have implemented a popup in my e-commerce, the problem i have detected is the following. when deploying i see a change in the size-weight of the h1 to h6 boostrap tags. before implementing the popup this style is in normal, but when implementing it changes to bold, and i do not want that to happen. because it alters the visualization of many things. i have tried to find a solution but i can not find anything, does anyone have any idea how to solve it?

thanks in advance


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Hi there @jose997


Welcome to the Community! Happy to help! 


To clarify, do you mean to say that when your Klaviyo form went live on your site, it looked different than it did in the Klaviyo form builder? If so the issue could be interfering CSS on the backend of your site that is causing this display issue for your form. To fix the issue you would need to reach out to your developer to investigate if there are  !important tags in your CSS and remove these to rectify the issue! 


I’d recommend checking out other users in the Community who have had a similar issue to gain more insight! 


-Hope this helps!