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  • 26 September 2022
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Hi. I’m setting up a lead magnet for a client. This will be an embedded form on a landing page on the website. I think I know how I can deliver the freebie AND add them to the welcome flow, but how can I offer this same freebie to existing contacts via the embedded form.

They’ll likely see it and want it too, but they’ll already be signed up.

How can I do this?


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12 replies

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Hi @lorenmn,

Thanks for sharing this question with us.

Is the freeble you’re referring to a coupon? If so, is it a static or dynamic coupon? Or is it an informational freebie like a pdf containing helpful information (or something else)? We’ll be able to resolve through a few different methods - having this background information can help us streamline a solution.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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Hey @Dov.

It’s an information based PDF download.

Grateful for any help. 😊

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Hi @lorenmn,

Thanks for that information.

The easiest way to achieve your goal is to build a segment of all users who already existed (I’m assuming by “existed” you mean existed in that list before the embed form was set up - let us know if that’s not the case), and then send them a campaign containing the pdf file. If the welcome email contains the pdf, you can simply save your existing welcome email and use that as your de facto campaign email for this send. If not, you can build the campaign email from scratch (or use one of our pre-existing templates). You’ll find a guide on adding attachments (including pdf files) to a Klaviyo email here.

Now onto the solution! If these “existing” users are all in the same list, you can build a segment based on their list membership - and was added before X date. Where the date would be the day before the embed form was established. From there, simply send the campaign email containing the pdf to this audience! The segment definition would look like the following (replacing Newsletter with the name of the list the sign-up form submits to):

If you’re not sure which day the embed went live, you can use this alternative segment definition which removes the contingency on the date added to the list and instead, adds a criteria to exclude users if they’ve already received an email from the welcome email flow. This wouldn’t necessarily align with the date the embed went live but it would only target users who are in the list and haven’t received any flow emails.

Keep in mind the names of the lists/flow used in these examples are simply placeholder values.

I hope that’s helpful.

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Hey @lorenmn - Love the idea of a freebie with a signup/purchase. I would also A/B test other incentives like free shipping or buy one and get 50% off a second item. Continually changing your offer or signup form messaging throughout the year (seasonal) is a great way to keep up engagement for new customers.

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Hey @Dov .

Thanks for a very comprehensive response. I’m still digesting it. 😆

However, I’m not sure it’s the solution. Imagine an embedded sign up form on a webpage. Both new and existing Klaviyo profiles will see it, and will fill it in.

What happens when an existing profile fills in the sign up form?

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Hi @lorenmn,

Thanks for this. Haha I know it was quite a long reply, but bear with me while I explain my thinking a little further.

If an existing profile is already a part of the list that the form (embed, subscribe page etc.) submits to, nothing else will happen to the user if they re-submit the form. However, if that user is on another list, or they entered your Klaviyo account through general engagement (i.e. placed an order through an Ecommerce platform) and they fill the form, they will enter the list the form submits to, go through the flow and receive the pdf (assuming that it’s included a flow email attached to this list). 

That’s why my solution targets contacts (using segmentation) who were already a part of that list i.e. people who, if they filled the form, nothing would happen, as in they wouldn’t received the pdf. And calls for sending them (the segment) a campaign email containing the pdf content.

In any case, (and I think it’s this part that I missed in my initial reply) it sounds like you want to use the form (rather than the segment) as the medium to target the existing users. In which case consider including a link to the pdf in the success message of a standard Klaviyo embed form instead of an embedded a subscribe page on the site (which your client is currently using)? I say this because, yes, a user (current or new) can fill out an embedded subscribe page as many times as they wish. However, they won’t be able to customize the success page of that form (where we want to include the pdf to target existing users) like you would with a standard Klaviyo embed (both will allow you to target both new and existing users). 

For the embed, make sure you’re using Show to All Visitors so it continues to display for all users.

I hope that helps clear things up.


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Hi @Dov. Great response again. Really grateful.

I might be further complicating this but I’m struggling to comprehend the process, SO, I’ve had a rethink - 2 embedded forms.

Form 1 to be shown to non Klaviyo profiles. I’ve set up an auto email to deliver the lead mag based on their consent being from that particular form.

Form 2 to be shown to existing profiles (i.e. subscribed for email) only where the ‘success message’ (thanks for that idea) can provide a link to the lead mag PDF.

Much simpler I think (for my little brain anyway!).

The only questions I now have are:

  1. Can I have 2 embedded forms on a single web page?
  2. Currently the ID of the form isn’t showing up as an option - perhaps because I need at least 1 profile in it to kick things off (I’ve seen this in other email solutions). It might fix itself when we test it.

Does this sound like an option?

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Hi @lorenmn,

  1. Yes you can indeed embed multiple forms on a page
  2. That’s exactly right!

Sorry for the late reply on this one - hope that was helpful.



Hey I have the same issue, but i cannot see either of the suggested solutions work.

I have a free PDF that I advertise on various pages of my shopify store.

It should work

  1. as a lead magnet, so that people who arent in my klaviyo yet, will be subscribed in order to recieve the PDF
  2. as a bonus for already subscribed people

It shows up through the click of a button. So both subscribed people as well as new people can click the same button and should recieve the PDF.

Cant be that complicated - how can I make this work?


I would expect to be able to set up an email flow for subscribed profiles who submit the form (Active on Site).

But here I get stuck:


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Hey @matthiasmaurer.

I set it up differently. I set up a form and embedded it on the Shopify page (

Then, created a ‘success page’ that acknowledged entry. You could provide a link to the PDF here or just show it.. ( This meant it worked for ALL contacts.

Those who were brand new then received the usual welcome email series.

Does that help?

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I am having the same issue with the deliverability of two lead magnets (pdf downloads). 


I’ve setup a Welcome series with a conditional split based on the sign up form. Then it delivers the freebie A or the freebie B. It works quite well, except the scenario when person subscribes via one form and then immediately (after 5-10 min or so) subscribes via another hoping to get both freebies. In this case the person gets only one freebie which is not very good experience for the potential customer.


The other problem is when existing subscriber fills out the form to get the same freebie again.


In order to deliver the second freebie I’ve setup a segment triggered flow, but this doesn’t work if the person joins the segment again (wants to get freebie for the second time).


I am just wondering how Klaviyo itself has solved this problem, because they have a lot of freebies. 

@lorenmn offers a workaround that will deliver the freebie, but is not good option for me because I use double opt and people need to confirm the subscription if they want to get the freebie. If they get the freebie on the Thank you page, then they will not take effort to confirm the subscription. 


Has anyone a good solution for this?