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  • 11 April 2022
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Hi to all,


I need to make a link to open the pop up form. This will be terms and conditions of my offer in store. I saw the details for the button but I need just to link to the pop up and not click a button. Any help will be much appreciated.


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Hi there @Home in Style,

Welcome to the Community.

I hope I am understanding correctly. While you can't quite link pop-ups, you can embed them on certain pages or link to a Hosted Page. You can also trigger a Klaviyo pop-up to appear on certain URLs. 
Unfortunately, we do not have this functionality with our built in popup forms from the signup form builder. However, we have a guide to doing this with a legacy popup form which requires custom coding.
You can have a Klaviyo pop-up appear on a certain link. At this time, it isn't possible to have it display after a click. In order to do that, you'd need to know the exact URL for the click. If you had one, you could add that pop-up. At this time, it isn't possible to only do it after a button click. A Klaviyo sign up can appear on a certain URL. You can adjust this in "Behavior," of a form. If your click goes to a URL you could have a pop-up appear. But you cannot have a pop-up appear for a click only. It isn't possible at this time within Klaviyo. It has been requested and I've added your info to it, but currently the pop-up can appear only on certain URLs not certain clicks.


Hope this helped,



I did it with a workaround.

I click on the announcement bar and the klaviyo pop up comes on. 


I did it with a workaround.

I click on the announcement bar and the klaviyo pop up comes on. 

Can you tell/explain me how you did this?

Thanks in advance,


I did it with a workaround.

I click on the announcement bar and the klaviyo pop up comes on. 

SOOOOO THIS IS GENIUS! If you want to share a pop-up form via link this is the way to go. I wanted to feature my pop-up form in my linktree obviously I needed a link and I didn’t see where I could “share” my pop-up but this is what I did as a workaround (And im assuming what Home in Style did aswell)


  1. Your are going to want to create a new page on your website however you do that for your own platform. For shopify I went to the Online Store tab and clicked on pages and add new page. (this doesnt have to show up on any of your main pages or navigation of your website.)
  2. I added a announcement bar under the edit theme section saying “10% off sign up here” or whatever it may be.
  3. connected the link to the blank page on my website to the announcement bar
  4. Went to the klaviyo form and under targeting and behavior selected the option “Show to all visitors” “Target by URL” “Show pop-up only in this url” 
  5. Linked it to the blank page that was connected to my announcement bar and BOOM!

Now you can share that blank page’s link with a pop-up that will always show and doesn't interfere with your website or any other pop-ups


Thanks for the help “Home in Style” and I hope this helps anyone else feel  free to message with any more questions :D