Linkning my custom-built website form to Klaviyo

  • 26 April 2022
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My client’s website is custom built, so it’s not on shopify or any other ecommerce platform. 

We have a Signup Form on one of the landing pages where clients fill in their details in order to profress through the sales funnel.

I want to link that form to our Klaviyo account so we can start sending email flows to the people who fill out the form.

Is there a detailed documentation or video guide to help me understand how can this be done?

The form is at the bottom of this page

Appreciate the help.


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4 replies

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Hi there @T_Sidany,

Thanks for sharing with the Community.

If I am understanding correctly, are you looking to embed your form on your site or redirect a signup form to your Klaviyo account? If you are looking to redirect your custom form to Klaviyo, you will likely need the form action URL of your list that you are subscribing to:


This guide walks through finding the Form Action URL of a List.

Based on the information you've shared, it sounds like you might also be able to take advantage of our APIs to pass the information collected to Klaviyo.
You can learn more about our API by reviewing the following help center articles:

Hope this helped,




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Hi @alex.hong,

Thank you for taking the time to write me back.

I do not have any preference pages set up at ‘Subscribe & Preference Pages’ yet. I’m guessing that should be the first step?

When I click on the Use Custom Page, I go to another window where things get double confusing for me.


Can you please direct me in the right path? 

Again, the form that I want to link to Klaviyo is at the bottom of this page:


Thank you in advance.





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@T_Sidany - The example that @alex.hong was showing is using a specific List’s Subscribe and Preference page.  I know it sounds a bit confusing, but each (and every List) in Klaviyo has its own Subscribe and Preference page settings. 

The one you’re referencing, is the General Subscribe and Preference settings (from the Klaviyo Admin sidebar) - and this is used when a user receives an email when they are sent via a Segment (since a Segment isn’t an exact List, or a user can be part of multiple Lists) or from a Flow (since a Flow Message isn’t necessarily confined to people from a single List, or a user can be part of multiple Lists).  

From there, you can grab the URL where to change/set your custom Forms’ Action value.  Remember, if you are using this method, when someone subscribes in those form, you have to specify and designate the email address to go a specific List (typically, your Main newsletter List). 

The guide that Alex references should walk you through the steps to do this:

Hope that clears it up a bit, and @alex.hong, feel free to chime if I missed anything!

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@retention thank you for the reply.

It stil is a little confusing to me, but I will test things and get back to you asap.

Again, thank you for taking the time to write me.