Looking for a pop-up tool that declines emails from existing profiles

  • 11 April 2024
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We’re looking to do a ‘spin-to-win’ promotion to collect new emails, but Klaviyo’s native pop-ups can’t decline existing profiles, and the couple of external tools we’ve tried through Shopify don’t validate against existing users in Klaviyo either,


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Hello @Alexemails

Welcome to the Klaviyo community :)

Thank you for your question.

Regarding your question around Klaviyo declining existing profiles, do you mean that Klaviyo is showing the Klaviyo popup to all profiles? If that is the case and your popup is in Klaviyo, you can limit the popup to show to new visitors only as shown in the Targeting setting below. 


On another note… from a list quality strategy perspective, spin to win sign ups are not as effective as you might think. I love gamification for email in other forms but for list building it can get tricky. You will definitely build faster with this strategy but the quality of the leads will not be as strong. Some people enter their emails several times (misspelled most of the time or another email) to get a better offer so it’s a false sense that you are growing the list but it’s the same person entering several times. This, in the long term, can cause high bounce rates which can cause delivery issues. I’ve seen this with several clients and we have moved away from that strategy for list building. Just my 2 cents!

Let us know if you have any more questions!

Happy to help,

Alexandra :) 


Completely agreed on Spin to Win retention, but we’ve measured it before and found it was still worth it.

Also no, Klaviyo is exceptionally odd in that it relies entirely on not showing existing users a popup. However, if I clear my cache or use a different device or whatever, the popup will still accept my email. Every other provider can have the popup itself leverage conditional logic for the success message. “Sorry, the email you’ve entered is already subscribed.” Klaviyo oddly can’t do that.


We’re looking for a solution which allows us to conditionally show a coupon code for users who are not already in Klaviyo. (Typically they’d receive their coupon through the welcome flow) but in promo cases we’d like to offer it in-browser.