Multi-Level Dropdown menu - Clear selection way with many brands and models

  • 10 May 2023
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we produce parts for espresso machines and would like to know our customers owned brand and model. This will either happen during the sign-up process or in a dedicated subscription preference update mail during the sign-up/welcome-flow.


The thing is, that we have more than half a dozen manufacturers with a lot of different machine models from each manufacturer. Creating a drop-down menu with all brands and models will be an overload of options. Like this:

  • Brand A - Model A
  • Brand A - Model B
  • Brand A - Model C
  • Brand B - Model A
  • Brand B - Model B
  • Brand B - Model C
  • Brand C - Model A


A text input could produce a lot of misses due to typos or different ways of typing in the brand and model.

Is there a way for, say, creating a dropdown for the brand and a second dropdown which options are depending on the selection of the first dropdown. Like this


      Dropdown I - Selection

  • Brand A

       Dropdown II - Displayed Options

  • Model A (Brand A)
  • Model B (Brand A)
  • Model C (Brand A)


Or having the options in the drop-down displayed in a more sorted way, like this

  • Brand A
    • Model A
    • Model B
    • Model C
  • Brand B
    • Model A
    • Model B
    • Model C


Or is there any other way or workaround of collecting this information in a user-friendly and clear way?


Thanks a bunch in advance!





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Hey @Christian has Questions 

Thanks for reaching out for help with your signup form!

Unfortunately, this functionality is not available in Klaviyo yet. However I can completely understand your use case. There are other customers who sell automotive parts who have asked for the same thing. I will roll your feedback up to our product team for evaluation. One option that has been suggested to others is to use one drop down menu and one text input field. In the drop down menu you can add all the “Brands” and then have the customer input the “Model” they own. While not a perfect solution, it may help reduce the spelling or formatting errors while still allowing you to collect the information you need from your customers.

Hope this helps!