multi-step sign up form set up and $source for reporting

  • 11 October 2022
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Hey everyone, 


Our multi-step sign up form for email and SMS is currently set up to add both to the same “newsletter” list i.e. the SMS keyword is directing to the same list.  When I go to generate a list growth report, the SMS keyword numbers are significantly lower than when I create a segment of SMS consented profiles during the same time frame, leading me to believe this is set up incorrectly for reporting. 


I understand that the email and SMS sign ups should be going to different lists to make reporting more accurate, but this is how it was set up when I acquired the account. 


When someone signs up for both email and SMS under this popup, will with $source be attributed to the first email form, or the SMS keyword?  Would it make more sense to create a segment using the “properties about someone” field and SMS source keyword to see accurate signups? 


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Hi there @TeamBill


Thanks for sharing your question with us! 


Are you saying that the amount of SMS keyword signups to your List is less than a segment of consented SMS profile at the time, using the condition: What someone has done > consented to SMS? If the list that your multi-step is connected to doesn’t require a keyword to signup, this could be the reason why you have a lower amount of SMS keyword number signups to the list than consented profiles you’re finding with an SMS segment as using as consenting without the keyword .Additionally, if this multi step form is more front and center then the other keyword possibilities, that could be another reason it is getting more traction for SMS signups as it has greater visibility. 


If a user only signed up via the multi step form, that would be their $source as they aren’t using a keyword. However, the $source property is replaced with the last form they submit so if a user hypothetically fills out the form then later uses a keyword to subscribe, their $source would be the SMS keyword.


Hope this helps!