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  • 20 October 2021
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I’m brand new to Klaviyo and just setup my first sign-up form using the Klaviyo Multi-step email and SMS popup. How do I set it up so a unique coupon code gets sent via email or SMS to the subscriber? I didn’t see any other steps in the sign-up form setup process that allows me to do this and I tried googling and looking in these forums for answers but couldn’t find any. Appreciate any/all help, thank you. (PS. I’m using WooCommerce)


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6 replies

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Hello @GoodVibes123,

Welcome to Klaviyo!

If you were looking to provide your subscribers with a unique coupon code upon signing up to your form, the unique coupon code would actually be delivered either as an email or a SMS message as part of a Welcome Series flow. At present Klaviyo signup forms forms do not support dynamic coupon codes and are only supported via emails or SMS within campaigns or flows. I’ve explained this further in a similar Community post which I’ve included below:

To provide a unique discount code to contacts who subscribe through a form, you’ll actually want to provide the coupon code within the first message of your Welcome Series flow. You’ll want to set up your Welcome Series flow in a way to trigger off of when a contact is added to the Klaviyo list associated/linked to your signup form. This way, contacts who subscribe through the form will be added to the Klaviyo list which would then trigger the Welcome Series flow thus serving the subscriber a message containing the unique discount code.

Since it also sounds like you are on WooCommerce, one more hurdle you’ll need to cross is setting up dynamic coupon codes. I’ve gone in more details surrounding this in the Community post below:

Overall, since dynamic coupon codes are not supported between Klaviyo and WooCommerce, you’ll want to generate and upload these dynamic coupon codes for use within Klaviyo. I would also suggest taking a look at some of the following Help Center articles that would prove helpful in achieving your goals:

I hope this helps!


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Hi David, thank you for the help. I’ll give this a try. I have my signup form subscribers going to my main list (Newsletter) and main SMS list. Should I be creating a new segment for these subscribers (aka sign up form) or just leave them in the main lists? What’s the best practice here? Thanks again!

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Hey @GoodVibes123,

Glad that was helpful!

The decision of where to place your subscribers is really up to your own account organization, business decisions, and marketing plans. Typically though, to initiate a Welcome Series flow we recommend using a list to trigger this sort of flow. However, it isn’t unheard of to use a segment to trigger a Welcome Series flow depending on what your overall goal was. 

From my experience you may want to use a segment to trigger a Welcome Series flow if you are using multiple lists within your Klaviyo account and wish for all contacts, no matter what list they end up on to receive the welcome series flow experience. You can learn more about using segmentation to combine multiple lists from the How to Combine Two or More Lists in Klaviyo and How to Add To or Combine Lists Without Triggering a Flow Help Center articles.

Have a great day!


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Hi @GoodVibes123 ,


Our Klaviyo Toolkit plugin supports dynamic generation of WooCommerce coupon codes and using them in Klaviyo flows - just not in popups.


You can read about how it works and how to set it up here:

Hi David,

I am currently setting up my SMS and Email Welcome flow but when I test it, I dont see the unique code coming through. Instead it solely says CODE instead of displaying the actual unique code. 

Thank you,


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Hi there @mariabandini


Welcome to the Community! Happy to help! 


Do you mind clarifying what you mean by test? Is this a live email you’re receiving or do you see CODE when previewing the email? If it’s from previewing your email, then seeing the name of your coupon followed by the -PREVIEW notation would be expected behavior. 


Thanks for participating in the Community!